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DVDs: Buck Brannaman 7 Clinics / quote

That set of DVDs has been edited and published by Cindy Meehl, Director of the great movie Buck. She had hundreds of hours of footage and picked the best parts to show more about Buck Brannaman horsemanship and philosophy.

Each DVD is cut in several chapters and introduced with thoughts and interviews of Buck Brannaman: On Groundwork, What I learnt from Ray, On Release, On Fear, Getting to the Feet, On Gimmicks, Buck’s Approach

We can divide these DVDs in three sets: Groundwork, Lessons on Horseback, Problem Solving & Words of Wisdom.

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Video: starting 7 colts in 5 days / video

From January 20 to 25, 2014, I had the opportunity to start seven colts in Denmark: one 3-year old Arabian stallion, three 3-year old Spanish stallions, one 4-year old Spanish gelding and two 4-year old Spanish stallions.

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Exercises: Under Saddle – Soft-Feel / video

The Soft-Feel is more than an exercise, it should become a habit whenever you ride, like a reflex. This is the key to help your horse to get soft, light and all in one hand! That Soft-Feel is the first step to collection, which is the body position that is looked for in Dressage, Academical, Military and many other types of riding…

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Exercises: Under Saddle – Seat Stop / video

The Seat-Stop exercise is the first of a series dedicated to help riders get control of their horses on one hand, and to help horses feel good about their riders on the other hand. Seat-Stop consists of teaching a horse to stop as soon as it feels our shifting of position on the saddle. We will use the one-rein stop to do so.

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DVDs: Ray Hunt Colt Starting Series / quote

Resources: DVD Ray Hunt Colt Starting Series
Ray Hunt Colt Starting is a two-DVD set of real-time horsemanship, Ray Hunt starts four colts over three days.

Do not try to catch a horse, try to get it ready to be caught.

Ray Hunt Colt Starting

All Ray Hunt’s philosophy is in this kind of sentences delivered from time to time along the video.

His book Think Harmony With Horses explains it better but the DVDs are a pretty good illustration of his approach: suggest to the horse, let it find its way, do not force it!

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Books: Think Harmony With Horses by Ray Hunt / quote

Ray Hunt is considered as a mentor by many well known horsemen in the USA. He actually recognized that he owed a lot to Tom Dorrance who opened doors for him. Yet, when you read this book you can clearly see that Ray had its personal point of view.

Think Harmony with Horses: An In-depth Study of Horse/Man Relationship is composed of three parts: the first one is written by Ray Hunt himself and enunciates its gentle and comprehensive approach of horses, when the second deals with practical questions he has been asked along the clinics, finally the third part has been written by one of his students to expose the actual methods used during a clinic.

Tom Dorrance inheritance

Of course, we can find Tom Dorrance’s philosophy in these pages:

Horsemen: Think Harmony With Horses by Ray Hunt
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Video: 4 & 1/2 year old Quarter Horse after 60 hours of training / video

This video is the first of a small series that will show how Brego improves over time.

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DVDs: A Day With Tom Dorrance / quote

Resources: DVD A Day With Tom Dorrance
It is a matter of listening and understanding what the horse is trying to tell us.

A Day With Tom Dorrance

A Day With Tom Dorrance is a DVD of almost unedited footage, two and a half hour spent with Tom Dorrance to discuss particular horse problems and see how he solves these issues.

It is commonly accepted that Tom Dorrance was one of the greatest horsemen, and reading his book True Unity is definitely a jewel in the mass of business books published every year.

Yet, I was not convinced by the DVD.

We can hear Tom Dorrance enunciate some of his principles as he is presented different horses having different horse problems. Seven horses are studied, from simple issues to more technical problems.

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How to load a horse?

How to load a horse?

Loading a horse in a trailer or a van can become a nightmare if no preparation has been done initially. This education process should be performed...

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Exercises: Groundwork – Rope Leading / video

Rope leading is not an exercise on its own, as you lead your horse everyday from the pasture to the paddock, from the stall to the arena, from the trailer to the track, etc. Yet, leading a horse implies that the horseman or horsewoman is in charge and the horse follows the pace. The following explains how to teach your horse to respect your leadership in all circumstances.

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