Natural Horsemanship: a different approach of the horse

Natural Horsemanship Principles
Natural Horsemanship is a very criticized concept. The name itself is sometimes the object of controversies. We do not have much time to lose with sterile controversies, so I will just make a note about the marriage of these two words:

  • Natural: “existing in or caused by nature, not made or caused by humankind”.
  • Horsemanship: “the art or practice of riding on horseback”.
We can easily notice the potential oxymoron of this words collision, if we consider the fact that humankind does not belong to nature… first problem.
Moreover, that would also imply that time spent with the horse on the ground, in the pasture or in the stables, etc. has absolutely no influence on its behavior and our relationship… second problem.
My personal definition of Natural Horsemanship is: body language developed by humans to communicate with all horses without ever inflicting any kind of pain.


This web site is dedicated to all of us who long for becoming better horsemen and horsewomen.

Natural Horsemanship is a way to communicate peacefully with horses