Resources: books and DVDs from horsemen and horsewomen, internet information…


Resources and more information on the internet

Before practicing, I started to study and learn. I read books, watched DVDs and methods, took notes, made my own analysis, combined ideas, etc. Then, I transcribed all this in the arena with horses and finally they were my real teachers: they told me what was wrong or right, what would work or not.



There are dozens of horsemen and horsewomen out there selling tack, books, DVDs, clinics or sometimes just ideas. I studied and analyzed some of them.

  • Bill & Tom Dorrance
  • Ray Hunt
  • Buck Brannaman
  • Clinton Anderson

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There is, of course, a lot more about horses and horsemanship on the web.
From horse care to barefoot hoof care to horse health, etc.

  • Horsemen & horsewomen
  • Equine knowledge
  • Media
  • Tack shops

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