Natural Horsemanship based on Feel

What is Natural Horsemanship?
What is a “Horse Whisperer”?

Horse whisperer : a horseman or horsewoman who has the ability to communicate with a horse in a way the average person has little or no way understanding. Through experience and study, these men and women learn how really sensitive they need to be to accomplish things with horses.

Faraway Horses, Buck Brannaman

This web site is dedicated to all those who want to know more about the philosophy behind this natural approach, who want to learn methods and techniques that will help them communicate better with their horses. This knowledge will enable to: start a horse, solve a problem with a horse, teach softness to a horse.

This is not a commercial web site. I have nothing to sell: no DVDs, no tack, no book, nothing. I studied and practiced a lot and think it might be interesting to share all this information and knowledge with you.


Natural Horsemanship based on Feel

A complete horsemanship program: from the ground to the saddle and beyond!

Natural Horsemanship Principles


The very first step in Natural Horsemanship consists in understanding the philosophy and the principles that lay behind. That will rule your relationship with horses for the rest of your life.

Foundation Groundwork


Being with a horse, and working with it, starts from the ground. You have to establish the foundation of your relationship.

Under Saddle


The groundwork foundation is then transposed on the saddle, where you start to build a partnership based on respect and confidence.

Fine Tuning


Eventually, as the relationship deepens, you can start to synchronize with your horse. This is when you start to feel your horse, when both of you are in harmony.