Equipment: how to choose the best saddle, bridle, pad, training material

Equipment to practice Natural Horsemanship

I have spent a lot of time searching for information, good resources, tips and advice. I also spent a lot of time testing equipment, methods and ideas.
Of course, I do not have the pretension to know everything and to deliver the truth, simply to share my personal point of view. My goal is to wake your attention up about this or that matter, so you can eventually evaluate yourself and make the decisions that will fit your horse and yourself better.


Training Material

Horsemanship is not a question of equipment, yet you should take some questions into consideration: your horse’s needs and comfort, your plans with the horse, etc.

  • Halter
  • Lead rope
  • Flag vs whip

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Riding tack

When time has come to get on the saddle and ride, efficiency and security should come first for both your horse and you. Priority to well-being instead of well-looking.

  • Saddle
  • Bit
  • Clothes

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