Downloads: methods, exercises, videos

I built this page to share information and files with you. Access is free, but please do not use any of this material for commercial purpose. If you want to use any of this material, in part or completely, please feel free to contact me.

Program sheets: each exercise of the program is detailed and offered to you in a more printer-friendly version

I submit for your information a table file I created to help taking notes about my working sessions with horses. You can easily sort the horses you worked with, record the progress you did with your horse at the end of each and every session, take a note of a particular issue you would like to solve, etc.
Sometimes, you may feel you did not progress, you were not good or the horse was not responsive. Reading the past notes is a great motivation as you can actually notice how big were the improvements since day one:
Table of the Horsemanship program based on Feel.






Ronan Horsemanship videos: exercises, tips, reports



How To
Some videos to give TIPS & ADVICES about how to’s.

Complete video REPORTS showing how to start a horse or cure problem horses.