Case studies

Video: starting over an abused spooky mare / video

The purpose of this video is to show a more complete reeducation process, going through different steps, showing more details…

  • Name: Louisiane
  • Breed: French Saddle Horse
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Genre: mare

Louisiane is a four year old mare. She has been broken by someone who knew nothing better than the old fashion: whip the horse to make it trot and lope in circles on the ground, tie the horse face against the wall to “show who’s the boss”, leave tack on the horse all day long if it did not work correctly, etc.
She has been ridden a couple of times only as the ‘horse-breaker’ thought she was not manageable, too much frightened! She also had a big issue with the bridle: head-shy and ear-shy after that poor experience.

We have worked a total of 12 hours over 49 days (I did not have all the time I wished for ;o) and Louisiane is now ridden in a riding school, in the arena and on the trails of the south of France.

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