Case studies

Video: halter breaking a five year old stallion / video

  • Name: Salem
  • Breed: French/Spanish
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Genre: stallion

This video is to share a new experience I had recently and which could hopefully be useful.

Salem is a French/Spanish cross stallion that turned five years old a few months ago. Its story is quite particular: its current owner bought it when it was one and a half in order to offer a horse to his daughter. Unfortunately, he has not been informed correctly about horses and horsemanship and had to deal with a dishonest horse seller. The foal has never been manipulated, nor halter broken or anything. Once it arrived to its new home, it never accepted the halter and spent four years growing strong and independent.

The video footage has been recorded by the owner’s daughter (thanks, by the way ;o) and covers five hours of work.

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