How to fix a rearing mare?

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Ushuaïa was a gentle but quite too often disrespectful and potentially dangerous mare. Her owner wished us to work together in order to fix problems and enjoy a new start!

  • Name: Ushuaïa
  • Breed: Halflinger
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Genre: mare

The idea of this video is to show how during a one-day clinic we can solve horse problems such as rearing, pushing, biting, bucking, pawing, etc.

Ushuaïa is a seven year old mare. Her owner had troubles as, although she can be a very gentle and loving horse, she can lose her mind quite quickly, and be very disrespectful, if not dangerous. Her behaviour became impossible to handle after a while…

Fixing a rearing mare

Ushuaïa’s owner asked me to come and help during a special one-day private clinic in order to reestablish her leadership, get rid of the bad habits, and start a new life with her horse. You can see in this video how the Groundwork Fundamentals I propose in my program can help to get control over these disrespectful horses, and yet remain a gentle horseman or horsewoman.

The first step was to make sure this mare respects my own personal space. So, we used and abused the main two exercises of the Groundwork Fundamentals: Backing Up and Lunging. Later on, we could work more subtle exercises.

After lunch, we could already feel that the mare’s behaviour improved. No more rearing, no more pawing. At the end of the day, the lady and the mare were reunited for a nice little ride…

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