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Two-day clinics for groups

Whether you own a ranch or boarding stables or an equestrian centre, or whether you board your own horse in one of these facilities, we can host a clinic in any such places.

During these clinics, ten to fifteen riders and their horses will accompany me in the arena.

Over two days, I will show you all the basics of the program: Groundwork Foundations and Fundamentals, and Under Saddle exercises.

The first day is mostly dedicated to groundwork, and establishing a sound relationship with your horse, based on mutual respect.

On day two, we’ll start working on rhythm under saddle, and improving communication through light cues.

Interested in hosting such a clinic?

We just need an arena large enough to welcome about fifteen riders and their horses over a couple of days.


  • Class participation as a rider = $400 for two days
  • Spectating/auditing fee = $40 a day
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Some clinics I have already done

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