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Need help or guidance?

Most horse owners and riders have tiny problems to solve, that do not necessitate a direct intervention from any expert.

Most of them just need a little push to get through these issues all by themselves.

Online coaching is here to help these people and their horses.

Thanks to most recent digital tools, we can easily organize video meetings during which you will have plenty of time to explain to me your situation and the problems you want to fix with your horse.

Or you may just need some guidance to find the right way to start your horse.

In any case, this online option is to give you a more specific, customized program, listing feasible objectives.

We then schedule follow up video meetings to analyze your progress and adjust the next exercises.

There is no fee, no subscription. When you feel ready to get back on the saddle all by yourself, you just leave your webcam and go enjoy your ride!

Prices: Private coaching = $75 / €50 an hour

Online Coaching | Natural Horsemanship

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