Horses minds are jigsaw puzzles / quote

Problem horses are failed puzzles
Natural Horsemanship is a way to complete gently the puzzle of horse's mind

This is our responsibility to make sure that we did not tear or lose a piece of the puzzle.

Wild horses have left European plains and 99.9% of our horses have been bred in farms, handled as weanlings, started between their second to fourth birthdays, and sold to private owners, professional stables or riding schools.

Unfortunately, many horses end incomplete. They lack education, they disrespect everyone, or worse they are afraid of humans and can become dangerous. All those problems, that we call “problem horses”, are not the responsibility of the horses. They are the humans’ responsibility.

Horses minds are puzzles that we shape to our needs. We owe them to complete the puzzle correctly, to make sure that every piece fits its place, that nothing is missing or has been damaged in the process.

Natural Horsemanship is a gentle approach that enables to start a horse with empathy, that is kindness and understanding. It is a method that takes time to do things correctly: starting a horse can (and should) take a few days, or weeks, that is nothing compared to the services the horses will give us during many years!