Case studies

Video: Uncut colt starting – Day 3 / video

This video is the third part of the series Uncut Colt Starting.

  • Name: Banjo
  • Breed: Solid Paint
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Genre: gelding

During this third day, Banjo has been quite anxious and needed a lot of work to get used to me on the saddle:
¤ Desensitizing from the ground;
¤ Untracking the hind quarters;
¤ Moving the front _ basic feeling;
¤ Walking peacefully.
We have spent about one and a quarter hour in total. Due to technical reasons, the first twenty minutes on the ground are missing, that time was spent to desensitizing and lungeing on the walk and on the trot. Banjo is a very sensitive horse, unsecured, but does not need much to feel comforted and at peace.

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