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Video: Uncut colt starting – Day 2 / video

This video is the second part of the series Uncut Colt Starting.

  • Name: Banjo
  • Breed: Solid Paint
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Genre: gelding

This second day has been dedicated to the safety basis from the saddle:
¤ Groundwork Fundamentals and Foundations repetition;
¤ First ride.
We have spent about one and a quarter hour in total. More than twenty minutes have been spent to untrack the hind legs from the ground and from the saddle. Indeed, this day revealed a quite sensitive horse, having troubles to deal with his hindquarters and tending to kick! Untracking the hind legs helps the horse to get comfortable with his moves and gets all the kicking and bucking out of the horse peacefully.

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