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How to educate a horse to think? / video

We should always have these questions in mind when we work with our horse: how can I help my horse to think? how can I let it find out what I want? That is the reason why you may have read a few times in these pages that you should leave time to your horse to think and to give you the good response.

Untracking the hindquarters

This drill is a practical exercise that is directly related to Untracking the hindquarters. Based on the excellent work of Buck Brannaman, there are four methods to bring a horse to untrack the hind legs. The first three are described in another video:

  • Lateral flexion + leg cue;
  • Soft-Feel + leg cue;
  • Leg only.
Time to think

I put the fourth aside as I think it is more designed to teach a horse to think than to move its hind end. The principle is quite simple: get the lateral flexion and… wait! Wait until the horse tries something and eventually finds out that you want it to cross its hind legs.

Tip: Do not get into your horse's way!
Do not use your legs with this method, do not bump the rope or push with the outside leg or whatever. You do not want to get in its way but to let it be the only one to find the solution.

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