Horsemanship is a full-time job

Horsemanship is a full-time job

Definition of “horsemanship” is: the art or practice of riding on horseback.

I think horsemanship is much more and can not be limited to the time spent by your bottoms on a saddle. It starts right when you go pick up your horse in the pasture. How can you claim to be a good horseman if your horse runs away as soon as it sees you coming?

What about the preparation? Some riders have to get on a stool just to be able to put a headstall on a horse. Some will have to walk after their horse for a couple of kilometers before they can put the saddle on its back. Some will burn more calories to pull their horse out of the box than to jump over bars.

Sky is the limit to such examples. The only reason to this is that horse owners and riders are not taught the basics. Initially, they are not responsible of all these bad behaviors. No one ever told them what they are supposed to do. Yet, after a while, logic and common sense should lead these people to question their horse’s behavior, themselves and their teachers, coaches, trainers or whatever.

Horsemanship starts in the pasture when your horse should come to you and stand still when you put the halter on it. Then, it should follow you nicely and lightly to the stables or to the trailer, or wherever you bring it. It should stay put when you groom and when you saddle. It should lower the head when you bridle it. Etc.